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Why You Shouldn’t Wear The Same Shoes Everyday

  • 09 Dec 2021
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Why You Shouldn’t Wear The Same Shoes Everyday


Besides being a footwear, shoes are also one of the elements of fashion that could help you elevate your look. Of course, it's very enjoyable to have shoes that you like either because of the design or the comfortness that the shoes offer. We consciously implicate these shoes in our daily activities, whether to go to the office, to the mall, go for a walk, or just go out to eat. However, it turned out to be bad for shoes. Try to withstand the urge to constantly use the same shoes in every activity so the shoes can last longer.

According to shoe expert Jim Kass, Allen Edmonds proposes changing the shoes every day. Just like humans, shoes also need time to rest to have a longer lifespan. It's undeniable that if you use the same shoes continuously, the shoes will be damaged more quickly.

When we do some activity, shoes will absorb sweat from the feet so it will become moist. This was a natural thing to happen. However, if the shoes are not given enough time to dry, it can cause several problems. The reason given by Kass is quite natural, "If you wear the same shoes every day, the shoes don't have enough time to dry so they can't keep their shape," Kass was quoted as saying in Business Insider.

How to keep the shoes last longer

The best way to take care of your shoes is to change them every day so they have time to rest. So, you need several pairs of shoes to support daily activities, such as flat shoes, sneakers, boots, loafers, and high heels. In addition, according to experts, changing shoes is also better for the feet to avoid various bad effects on health. In this case, high heels lovers also need to occasionally wear flat shoes to prevent calf muscle pain and shortening of the Achilles tendon. Likewise, wearing flat shoes every day can have a bad impact on health, for example, encountering ingrown toenails because the area around the toes is too tight. 

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Article by : Stephanie Gunawan

September 14, 2021