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Warm is the Dress Code because Fall is Here & Winter is Coming

  • 01 Dec 2021
  • Posted By : Lauren
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Warm is the Dress Code because Fall is Here & Winter is Coming

Fall is here and winter is coming so it’s time for that trench coat, turtle neck, and comfortable shoes to keeps you warm. The perfect shoes will complete your look and make you feel at ease. 

Fall and Winter shoes collection isn’t cheap, it is important to pick out the shoes that has good quality, timeless design, and neutral. A pair of very comfortable shoes that fits for all kind of wardrobe. With Bocorocco collection, you can get the comfort, the timeless design and you also investing your health with 9 layers of Pillow Concept Technology, it can reduce stress from several vital points of your body. Isn’t it perfect? Here are the fall and winter look for your inspiration!

  1. Patterned Coat

Pair your favorite patterned coat with your favorite blue jeans. For the inner top, you can wear your long sleeve, neutral or pastels color shirt. 

You can also pair the look with the ever-comfortable Firenze 15 Nero from Bocorocco, a very versatile boots that could enhance the look. Available from the size 35-41. 


  1. Layering is the key 

The trend of layering is come back and here to stay! Here’s the second inspire look. Layering the dress with your fluffy oversized knitwear. Complete this look with Bologna 04 Nero from Bocorocco. A very chic design and very comfortable for every situation and paths, it’s available from the size 35-41.


  1. Put Your Leather Jacket On

A leather jacket with skin tight midi dress in nude color gives you a boyish and also classy vibes.  

Complete the look with sunglasses, which giving you the statement less is more. But something is missing? Yes, it is the Padova 14 Nero from Bocorocco, these ankle boots with ribbon and fur details could elevate your look. Don’t worry, the rocky roads would feel bouncy and airy with these pair of shoes. Available from the size 35-41.


To browse the catalogue or check out the Bocorocco shoes yourself, click the link to our website https://bocorocco-online.com 


Article by Rebeca Olivia

October 26, 2021