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Tidak Mustahil! Kini Sepatu Menjadi Ajang Investasi 

  • 28 Dec 2021
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Wow! Shoes Become a New Thing for Health Investment!

Have you ever heard of “investment”? Nowadays, Investment becomes popular and could be interpreted as an action in saving something for the long term which is expected to provide a benefit in the future. Meanwhile, the definition of investment according to the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), means usually in the long term for the procurement of complete assets or the purchase of shares and other securities to earn a profit.

The investments consist of stocks, sukuk, deposits, bonds, savings, insurance, and mutual funds. Other forms of investment include buying land, gold and jewelry, and running a business. When you start investing, of course you will be looking for the value that you want to achieve, not based on the nominal. You can make very profitable investments with greater returns through health investments. Health investment is an important part that must be considered because it will have a long-term impact.

Many people wear branded shoes, but feel deep pain and it causes discomfort. This is commonly referred to as "Beauty is Pain". However, you can look beautiful and feel comfortable without having to feel the pain. This can be overcome by investing in health by using comfortable shoes. You can get this solution by switching your footwear to Bocorocco shoes. You can invest in health with a minimum nominal, but you will get a maximum return even to infinity.

Bocorocco Health Investment Benefits

  1. Unlimited profits

If you apply the principle of investing, of course you will look for investments that produce high returns accompanied by value. You will get this in Bocorocco. If you have money and knowledge, but you feel pain it will cause prolonged suffering. To prove that Bocorocco will provide unlimited returns, then you should pay attention to the illustration below.


Branded Shoes

Healthy Shoes

Purchase Price

1-2 million

2-3 million

Injury Treatment Costs

3 million


*6x physiotherapy treatment costs at the Jakarta Hospital for injuries that require treatment such as stage 2 ankle injuries and back pain due to acute herniated discs.

By investing in Bocorocco, besides being trendy and comfortable, Bocorocco will help maintain a healthy body so that you can freely move and be active all day without feeling sick. Not everything that looks cheaper is prudent. 

  1. Apply Pillow Concept Technology

Bocorocco shoes apply the worldwide patented Pillow Concept Technology (PCT). PCT consists of 9 layers of the insole which can absorb shocks 8x greater than other insoles. Inside the insole layer is also equipped by a Stabilizer, Airbag, and Shock Absorbing Cushion which will stabilize the body while walking and provide maximum comfort for the feet. In addition, PCT will also protect 5 vital points of the body: heels, knees, waist, neck, and brain. When you wear Bocorocco shoes, the term “Beauty is Pain” will never come back.

  1. Get The Benefit Right Away

When you already buy Bocorocco shoes, the first benefit that you will get is immediate comfort when walking without pain and soreness. The second advantage is that you have taken care of your body health to avoid pain which will require greater treatment costs.
Now you can be more aware of the importance of investing in health and have found the right solution by using Bocorocco shoes. Consisting of various kinds of products, Bocorocco provides shoes that suit your needs. To see more of the catalog, you can visit https://bocorocco-online.com

Article by : Stephanie Gunawan