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Spring Fashion 2021 : A Mix & Match Guide

  • 05 Aug 2021
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Spring Fashion 2021 : A Mix & Match Guide



Spring is such an exciting season in fashion. This is due to the flexibility of the models that are often in trend during this season. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your appearance. Not to forget, every appearance will need a piece of excellence in each part to make it feel complete. It's been said that the right shoes will enhance any appearance. So it's easy to say that shoes are very important for an appearance.


However, fast fashion and shopping for clothes to keep up with the trends and seasons is not sustainable for neither the environment nor your wallet. The seasons are always changing and often, the trends that appear this year will be unattractive in the next. But when you want to buy a style that is in accordance with the trend, it would be wise to buy an item that is indeed a classic wardrobe staple so that you can still use it again later even when the season has passed or even when the season comes again next year. That way you won't feel guilty of the purchases, think of your spending as an investment for your long-term style appearance. So let's match some of the trendy but timeless spring pieces with Bocorocco shoes that will elevate your looks!


1. Statement Trousers

Big, loose, wide-leg, and patterned, these pants come in a wide variety of styles. Statement trousers are being used by people of all ages. This is because not only is the model suitable for both formal and informal events, but it also complements the height of the wearer.


If you're wearing quirky colored or patterned pants, pair it with the classy Emily 08 Nero casual shoes. If you're using nude, monochrome, or light pastel colored pants, mix them with Coco 01 Bianco to give a posh impression from its tweed material.














2. Colorful Prints

One of the hallmarks of spring that have always proven to return every year are colorful prints. The classic is a floral motif that is bright and gives off an energetic impression. Clothing with colorful and floral motifs often uses flowy materials, such as chiffon, crepe, and viscose. These materials will naturally give you a feminine and casual feel. Suitable for outdoor and breezy activities.


Pair these motifs with Ilaria 10 Nude if you aim to look more casual and soft. Or mix it with Chiara 07 Rosso to make it more striking but with a mature and elegant feel.














3. Puff Sleeve Tops

Puffed or bloated sleeves can sometimes make the wearer look outdated or even unflatteringly chubby. However, with the right cut, puffed sleeves can make your arms look small and long. This model naturally tends to look feminine, but it can also be combined with many things, to add a more feminine accent you can combine it with a skirt, but if you want to be more neutral, you can pair it with some culottes or a statement trouser!


Since this piece's cut gives off a feminine feel, mix it with soft, neutral colors. For example, Liliana 16 Camello can be used for more formal events or Coco 02 Cognac for more casual occasions yet matching color tones.













4. Knitwear

Even though it is more synonymous to winter, knitwear is a timeless piece that is very versatile which earns its name in trend, even in the spring. But, it's not just the wide-covering models that are on trend, lately many are seen using knit vests in nude or earthy colors combined with shirts underneath them or worn plain with pants.


Pair them with Melisa 11 Taupe for a matching look from top to bottom. Or pair it with Serafina 10 Marrone for a bolder color accent that looks classy and mature.







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Article by Anastasia Nareswari

Translated by Anastasia Nareswari