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Sepatu Bisa Menstabilkan Tubuh? Bocorocco Berikan Teknologi Jitu!

  • 13 Dec 2021
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Shoes Can Stabilize The Body? Bocorocco Delivers Wandrous Technology!

When we hear about stabilizers, what frequently comes to mind is a tool to keep the electric current-voltage stable and running normally. The stabilizer is widely used for daily needs such as electronic equipment, cameras, and even vehicles. The stabilizer function also varies according to the needs.

You must have seen a videographer running around while recording a video, right? Yes, the result of the video will have a huge shock and become less attractive. Therefore, producing videos that avoid shaking needed a stabilizer to maintain video stability. Similarly with the automotive world. The stabilizer is generally used by sportbikes or in racing arenas to absorb shocks. However, now quite a lot of motorcycles are equipped with a stabilizer on the handlebars due to the factory default which functions to maintain steering stability due to shocks on the road.

Without us realizing it, the existence of a stabilizer has a powerful impact. When we're active, our bodies will receive a shock 2x more than when we relax. The shock will continue to adjust to how heavy the activities are. The shock we receive will ultimately hurt our bodies and can hinder our activities. 

In the activity, we will use shoes to protect our feet. Then what will happen if there are shoes that are equipped with a stabilizer? Of course, it will have a good impact for our body. We can walk freely all day without feeling significant shocks because the stabilizer will stabilize our feet while walking around. Bocorocco is the only brand that could give you a pair of shoes equipped with a Stabilizer, Shock Absorbing Cushion dan  Airbag. All are summarized into Pillow Concept Technology which will provide an experience that feels like walking on a pillow and #AllDayIsOk. Trendy and varied designs will make it easy to find the shoes we want. To see more catalogs, you can visit  https://bocorocco-online.com


Article by : Stephanie Gunawan

October 8, 2021