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Perhatikan Langkah Anda!

  • 05 Aug 2021
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What is the first thing you would consider when choosing a pair of shoes? Certainly the model and color, right? And instead, quality and comfort are often a latter priority. But shouldn't your comfort be the top priority?

            Oftentimes the right model doesn't necessarily guarantee the wearer's comfort, especially when used for a long period of time. Then, aside from the model, price is also a big determining factor. People will generally look for the most suitable model at the cheapest price. But because of this type of consumer behavior, the tendency is that the models with the highest demand will be produced on a large scale, with materials that are minimal or even the cheapest so that the companies that produce them get the biggest profit.

            These factors make our feet health get easily overlooked. In reality, every time you walk, there is a shock that is 1.5 times greater than your body weight, this is what makes you feel tired quickly when walking for more than 2 hours. Your feet needs soft, comfortable footholds in order to function properly and stay healthy. With minimal or even low-quality support, your stamina will decrease faster, get sore easily, and you will be more likely to often experience complaints of pain in certain parts of the legs. Some in the ankle, calf, thigh, hip, knee and surrounding areas.

            But even though there are many, not all shoe brands prioritize profit over the welfare of their customers. Bocorocco is one of the few shoe brands that puts quality and the customer's comfort first without compromising on its fashionable design. Bocorocco's shoes uses the Pillow Concept Technology (PCT) which can reduce the shock our body produces when moving and doing activities.

            Evidently, the Bocorocco insole is 8x larger in reducing shocks that occur in the golf ball. This is because the Bocorocco insole has not only one, but 9 layers of insole which is called Pillow Concept Technology. These 9 layers are found throughout all Bocorocco shoes, namely :

      • Leather Upper
      • Natural Leather Insole
      • Shock Absorbing Cushion
      • Moulded Cup-Insole
      • Airbag
      • Insole Border
      • Reinforcing Insole
      • Shock Absorber
      • Pillow and Stabilizer
      • Slip Resistant Outsole


The functions of these layers include:

  • Shock Absorbing Cushion: reduces the shocks that occur when moving and stress from heels, knees, waist, neck, to the brain.
  • Stabilizer: balances your gait.
  • Airbag: provides maximum comfort for you so you can move actively without worrying about getting tired quickly.

            This technology with nine layers of padding will greatly help reduce pain or fatigue in the heels, knees, waist, neck, and even the brain. However, does that mean the models will be boring? Certainly not! Originating from Italy, Bocorocco shoe designs are varied, classy, ??timeless and fashionable.


To browse the catalog or buy the Bocorocco shoes, click the link on their website: https://bocorocco-online.com


Article by Anastasia Nareswari

Translated by Anastasia Nareswari